Pictures 03-07-10  

Posted by The Simple Layman

We went for a walk yesterday, (my family and I), and got some great pics.  I adjust every one of my pictures using "gimp," because it is open-source software.  I am usually not satisfied with the camera's adjustments and like to adjust them to look more like what I remember of the scene.  I usually shoot in "raw" mode because it captures a wider dynamic range of light and detail than using the jpg mode.

The pics are fairly large, but if you use firefox you can hold down "ctrl" while scroll anywhere over the picture, and it will enlarge or reduce it for viewing.

Crocuses blooming.  Spring is almost here!






This one was my favorite.  This tree against the dark background amost looked like it was glowing.  I had a hard time balancing it but it still came out really good and close to what I wanted.